Tuesday 13 August 2013

It's About Time Someone Gave The Owners The Same Treatment...

The 21-year-old landscape gardener, of St David’s Road, grabbed a wooden hammer handle to beat the dog into submission during the early hours of Saturday morning. (Aug 10)
Maybe then the police might actually turn up, if only to arrest the householder...
He said: "These people go looking for animals to do this to.
"They were having a ball, they were in their element, laughing, loving it."
You'd think a group of teenagers with huge, vicious dogs roaming the neighbourhood at night would draw the attention of the police, wouldn't you?

If only to protect themselves in any future raid on the homes of these subhuman scum, because it's quite clear they no longer act to protect the public who pay their wages...

Maybe we need to look abroad for some solutions?


Budvar said...

Is this a story of "Dog bites cat"?
Whatever next, "Cat kills mouse"?

As for the "Man used hammer handle...", Saying he hit dog with a "12" stick" doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it?

Now next door have a cat, it sits on the shed roof or top of fence giving my dog the finger. Whenever my dog sees it, he barks and jumps up trying to get it. The cat, doesn't bother in the slightest, it seems to take great delight in teasing him as it knows it's out of reach. I don't know, but they both seem to enjoy antagonising each other...

I suspect that more cats are killed by being run over than by mauled by dogs, there was a story in the paper the other day about a dog was run over by a bus... Another none story with a sensationalist spin on it, must be a slow news week.. Also in same paper, headline news, "Fight at wedding", FFS..

MTG said...

"Maybe we need to look abroad for some solutions?"

Therein can be found the original recipe for Chiengris Kiev.

JuliaM said...

"Is this a story of "Dog bites cat"?"

No, it's a story of 'vicious scumbags deliberately set dog on cat'.

"I suspect that more cats are killed by being run over than by mauled by dogs.."

You're probably right. But those are accidents.