Thursday 1 August 2013

You Don’t Suppose This Was Just For Richard Littlejohn’s Benefit?

If so, excellent trolling, Kent Police!
A huge police operation on the A2 in Bexley yesterday evening saw two men arrested in connection with the stabbing of a 19-year-old man.
Officers swooped on “a vehicle of interest to police” on the London-bound A2 yesterday evening at around 9pm.
Two men, aged 19 and 21 from south London, were arrested at the scene following a stabbing on Margate seafront earlier in the day. Long delays followed the police operation, which was executed between the Danson Interchange and Falconwood.
Well, a stabbing, I mean, that's serious enough to inconvenience all the motoring public, isn't it?

Oh. Wait.
Kent Police had previously been called to a stabbing on the seafront in Margate at 5.35pm, where a 19-year-old man was taken to hospital with a non life-threatening stab wound to his leg.
A Kent Police spokesman said: “Police were called to deal with several minor public disorder incidents and fights after thousands of visitors from London attended an event on Margate seafront.”
'An event'? Why so coy (as if we can't all work it out)?

Still, we can always rely on the comment section to fill in the blanks:
Elthamboy says...
This was the result of the annual 'Jamaican beach party' in Margate! Though I'm sure we all could've guessed who'd be involved!

As Leg-Iron points out, we can usually tell more from what's not in the news.


John Pickworth said...

Long delays followed the police operation...

Yeah, I've seen this all too frequently.

Only the other day...The M61 was closed after a hand grenade was found behind a business park.

"As a precaution, a 100 metre cordon has been put in place which has required the M61 to be closed in both directions between junctions 6 and 8.

"Motorists are asked to avoid the area while the situation is resolved."

The North West Motorway Police said drivers were reversing down the hard shoulder of the motorway because they did not want to wait in the traffic jam, causing further chaos.

They have been been given points on their licence and fines.

No word yet on what if anything was found or whether any controlled explosions took place... somehow, I doubt we'll ever hear anything further. If only someone had tweeted about it, it'd be top item on the news for 2 days!

JuliaM said...