Thursday 22 August 2013

Ah, The Sounds Of The City...

The photography student added: “At one point there was a woman screaming at him ‘Paul get down, you f***ing d**k.’
“He replied ‘go home and go back to the kids.’”
Met Police officers, London Ambulance Service (LAS) paramedics and three fire engines were on standby for more than three hours, after all being called at around 8pm.
Sidcup High Street was closed in both directions between Elm Road and Christchurch Road throughout the incident.
It's the modern way.


Anonymous said...

One firearms officer with a baton gun, I fire rescue unit with net and 1 Amb on standby should have been sufficient without the need to inconvenience the denizens of Sidcup and beyond for hours. My preferred option would be i x sniper and 1 x Co-Op funeral Director private ambulance

Joe Public said...

My preferred option would be barriers around the pavement to prevent innocent pedestrians walking under where a body could fall; and, …………err that's it.

Anonymous said...

Three fire engines? Were they expecting him to spontaneously combust?

Anonymous said...

Just call out the caretaker for the Police station and suggest this would be an ideal time to hose the roof to get rid of the detritus in the gutters and on the tiles (after advising the man of their intentions first, obviously). His choice, his consequences.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

But for the lack of a safe backstop, that second photo makes for a perfect shot.

Furor Teutonicus said...

From the link;

XX “When I saw all the police I was really worried and I presumed it was something like a gas explosion or something really serious. XX

Worried? Why?

Even IF it was a fart , or as you put it "gas explosion" Did it blow your fanny out? Was it ever LIKELY to mangle your pussy?

Why are so many people "Worried/scared/frightened/etc these days?

No fuckin' wonder the Taliban are winning!

Get a bleeding GRIP on yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Why not just ignore him. Sooner or later he will come down or just starve to death.

Sadly, if the latter, no Darwin award. But the tax payer would have saved a few pennies.

John Pickworth said...

They need to stop pussy-footing around and negotiating with these scroats. I could've talked him down in 5 minutes!

Items required:

1. Don't send a cop - frankly, they're pretty crap at this sort of thing now days.

2. A firm, commanding voice.

3. The words "You've got 3 minutes to get off my roof".

4. A powerful fire hose.

5 Handcuffs or a shovel.

JuliaM said...

"My preferred option would be i x sniper and 1 x Co-Op funeral Director private ambulance"

Mine too!

"Three fire engines? Were they expecting him to spontaneously combust?"


"His choice, his consequences."

Sadly, these days, the avoidance of consequences is a watchword with all public sector organisations...

"Why are so many people "Worried/scared/frightened/etc these days?"

So they can feature on APILN, of course!