Thursday 1 August 2013

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Motorists are deliberately mowing down baby seagulls, an animal charity has warned.

Judging by my local roads, this murderous impulse gripping the nation's motorists is refreshingly indiscriminating between the species, or even phylum.
The seagulls were struck on roads in Saltdean, Peacehaven, Bexhill, Seaford and Eastbourne, Trevor Weeks, of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Animal Service (WRAS) said.
He added they had been called to all the incidents and informed the police.
Mr Weeks said he believed the attacks were born out of “people’s hatred for seagulls”.
And not out of simple careless driving or many animal and bird species' suicidal impulses?
He branded those “aiming for and not slowing down for fledgling gulls” as “sick”. He also asked people to call 999 if they witnessed such an incident.
Yeah. The police are gonna love that. So are the well-meaning idiots who take your advice...
He said it was difficult to prosecute people under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 2001, but he would always take the matter to the police.
Until they get fed up and arrest him for wasting police time.


John Pickworth said...

Oh the humanity! Won't someone please think of the fledglings!!!!

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

I wonder what WRAS would make of my local college. They regularly employ a chap and his raptors to dispatch gulls, both young and old, who nest on the college roofs. The raptors are used to control gulls who routinely menace students and staff who venture into the college grounds carrying food or anything else that takes the gulls' fancy.

I'm thinking of getting a raptor to scrag the bastard gulls who keep colossally crapping on my car.

PS looks like CCiZ's comments are working again.

Anonymous said...

What about the bloody windmills or don't green bird massacres count if you're a card carrying greenie?

JuliaM said...

"Won't someone please think of the fledglings!!!!"


"PS looks like CCiZ's comments are working again."

Yup! Great work! :)

"What about the bloody windmills or don't green bird massacres count if you're a card carrying greenie?"

Of course not! Just ask the RSPB, who invest in 'em!