Saturday 10 August 2013

The Victim Hierarchy Is Still Applied…

The owners of killer dogs could face life in jail under proposals put forward by ministers.
Ministers have now launched a public consultation as to whether owners should face jail terms of up to ten years if their pet injures someone and life for a fatal attack.
This is the same legislative system that reassured us that murderers would face life behind bars, right? Remind me, how did that work out?
Killing or injuring a guide dog could also attract a maximum penalty of ten years.
So, immediately, we have a victim hierarchy for dogs. Family pets and all other types of assistance dog are to be given ‘second class’ status.

What’s that, Mrs Miggins, your Fido was attacked? Not interested.

What’s that, Mr Miggins, your hearing dog was attacked? Not interested.

And all because the Guide Dogs Association got stuck in there, lobbying for special treatment, while the other charities missed the ball.

We've all seen where this sort of prioritisation of some kinds of ‘special victims’ over others can lead, haven’t we?

We've seen the inversion of the justice system* that this can cause, haven’t we?

And we’ve seen how no matter what legislation is available to the police, there is no consistency, with some forces going overboard and some reluctant to use it, preferring the ‘softly softly’ approach when something looks like it might be hard work:
PC Hope said officers may pursue a ‘restorative’ approach to dealing with the incident and it may be that an apology from the animal’s owners is enough to ensure no more action is necessary.
And it may be that the owners tell you to shove your 'restorative justice' so far up your arse it knocks out your back teeth. I would.

*H/T: PeeWee via email


Anonymous said...

All you need to do is invoke Clarkson's law - "Any dog which bites another animal or human being is put down, immediately followed by it's owner."

Ian Hills said...

What about moslem guide dogs?

Anonymous said...

That puts a completely different aspect on the topic. In such a case, I'd let the dog off with a warning. The owner? Tough!

JuliaM said...

"All you need to do is invoke Clarkson's law.."

Clarkson for PM!

" In such a case, I'd let the dog off with a warning."