Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Not So Mouthy Now, Are You?

Remember the fuss over the transgender teacher? Committed suicide over the publicity? Coroner slammed the media?

And lo! There was a wailing and a rending of garments in all the usual places, and a demand for heads to roll...

Suddenly, though, they've fallen silent. I wonder why?
A coroner has been given an official rebuke after making an outspoken attack on the Press over its coverage of a male primary school teacher who returned to class as a woman, it emerged yesterday.
And now he's (perhaps wisely) decided to clam up:
Asked yesterday whether he wished to retract his comments or make an apology, an official in his office said yesterday that Blackburn and Hyndburn coroner Mr Singleton was ‘not available for any comment’.
Once again, Spiked called it right...


Budvar said...

Perhaps another case of life imitating art?

JuliaM said...