Friday 2 August 2013

I Guess 'Local People for Local Pets' Won't Be Very Profitable Now...

...but hey, Mr Telfer, "these things happen", right?
He said: 'There was a little disturbance and poor Chicco was there on the floor. It’s such a shame.
'He never should have been with other dogs because he was a hot blooded male.
'He was such a small dog, with all the urges of a bigger dog. It is likely his urges could have set off the other dogs. We are covered by liability insurance.'
 That's a great comfort for the owners, I'm sure. They are pinning their hopes on the authorities.
The case is being investigated by the RSPCA.
Yeah, I don't think they're going to be a lot of help. Your best bet is to sue this callous idiot for every single penny he has. He won't have many, after this publicity.


Budvar said...

Sorry Joolz, this is a bit of a non story. I do so wish that people would stop anthropomorphising, animals are not little people, who are rational etc. They live by their instincts, and have no sense of morals.

That said, perhaps a little more thought in returning dead dog to family in a used carrier, but then again, "Tactful" has never really been my middle name either, but still..

Earlier this week, my daughter brought round her dog, a Patterdale. First thing he did was pick a fight with mine, a staffie/pitbull cross. I wouldn't care, but mine is about 5 times the size.

Now if I'd been alone with them, I'd have shouted and balled and give them both a slap. Exactly the same as the alpha male in a pack would. It isn't cruel as some would think, but these are the same people who are incapable of controlling their dogs.
Alas, it's kind of difficult when you have kids getting in the way or strangers sticking their oar in.

As for the suing, don't get me started on that, "I was walking through reception and I slipped on the wet floor and hurt my knee...". Instead of getting on to, they'd do better to stop texting and watch where they're walking...

John Pickworth said...

Chicco, (pictured) dressed up as a hot dog, 'was the size of two baked bean cans at most'

Ermmm, anyone surprised another dog went for it? I know I would've been tempted if I was feeling peckish!

JuliaM said...

"... this is a bit of a non story. I do so wish that people would stop anthropomorphising, animals are not little people, who are rational etc."

I don't see any of that here. They are understandably annoyed that they left their pet - their 'property' if you will - with someone ill-equipped to look after it.

Boiled down, this is pretty much the same as the man who leaves his Ferrari with a garage for servicing only to find the mechanics have taken it out and crashed it into a wall.

Why shouldn't they sue? They expected a service, they didn't get one.

Anonymous said...

That's the sort of response from idiots like you that get people to track morons like you down and take matters into their own hands. ..say for example you worked at "property plus" it would be easy to bump into you to see how funny you are then !!!!