Saturday 31 August 2013

Quote Of The Month

Once again, the incomparable DumbJon on the insanity of Liberal outrage:
For proof of all this, consider the Twitter Wars Bandwagon Jumper In Chief: Stella Creasy. She claims to be worried, shocked, appalled and worried again about fellow media luvvies facing rape threats on Twitter, but what happened when girls in Rochdale were facing real rapes? The Criminal Protection Service and the Police buried these cases and where was Stella? Chaining herself to the railings, or happy to climb aboard the Good Ship Diden C Nuffinkguv? Need you ask?
Honourable runner-up is NickM at 'Counting Cats..' on the shocking deterioration in driving skills:
I’m a warden of a religious meeting house (Quaker) and part of my duties include maintaining cordial relations with the neighbours. Well, I say that but it’s just good manners really. The same ageing moo (by which I don’t mean destined for MacDonalds but for a dodgy halal burger gaff in Gorton**) “young-manned” me over her horrendous parking. Put it this way, if she’d been a USN Hornet pilot she’d have put it down not just off the wire, not just off the deck but in the wrong ocean.

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