Thursday 29 August 2013

Well, The Thing To Do, Alistair, Is Ride It Into The Restaurant...

..where at least it won't crap on the floor:
Alistair Thompson had promised to buy his four-year-old son Edward a McDonald’s meal as a treat.
So when he found that his trailer bike was too big for the bicycle rack at his local branch he had what seemed like a bright idea. He rode the bike into the restaurant’s drive-thru.
Oh oh...
But when he reached the payment window staff refused to serve him, saying that the bike was a health and safety risk and that only motorised vehicles were allowed in the drive-thru.
Yep, daft, but hey, their business, their rules.
"I was so cross I rang the Health and Safety Executive and they said it was nonsense."


proglodyte said...

Perhaps he had an inkling of what might took a press photographer just in case.

John Pickworth said...

Mr Thompson, who runs his own public relations company...

He's very good isn't he? At a stroke he's single-handedly turned a billion dollar organisation's Happy Meal into the Miserable Meal. What's the opposite of 'the Midas touch'?

I wouldn't usually side with McD's but this gobshite from ConservativeHome and former PPC for West Bromwich East probably needed bringing down a peg or too. He certainly won't miss the calories either.

JuliaM said...

"What's the opposite of 'the Midas touch'?"

The Gordon Touch? The Miliband Touch? ;)