Thursday, 22 January 2015

Clearly, It’s ‘Proportionate’ To Disadvantage The Children…

Five caravans turned up at Waterhall in Brighton and without full use of all the car parks the Sussex Cross Country meet scheduled for 600 children next Wednesday will be cancelled.
After a joint assessment by Sussex Police and Brighton and Hove City Council an eviction order was sought but three of the five families are not being evicted. The families told the Argus three women living there are pregnant.
… organiser Chris Jones, chairman of Brighton and Hove Schools Athletics Association and championship secretary for Sussex Schools Cross Country, did not think the parents would feel comfortable seeing children on a course near travellers.
He said: “We’re going ahead with the event but I’ll have to alter the track.
“I’m not going to deny 200 kids the opportunity to run and gain experience.
“But next week, I’ll need all of those car parks because there are 600 kids registered, so I would have to cancel.
“This is a designated sports area, not a travellers’ camping site.”
 Sadly, even 'the chiiiildreeeen!' don't have a winning hand when it comes to those Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers. At least, as far as the authorities are concerned.
Jason Tams, of Brighton Rugby Football Club, who play at Waterhall, fears fixtures could be cancelled and questioned the city’s travel liaison team’s decision, labelling them “too soft” .
Well, yes. Of course they are. They are there to make things easier for the parasites, not the host!
A spokeswoman said: “Police and council are aware of the sensitivity of the location of this encampment and the events due to take place.
Careful consideration has been given to the full circumstances surrounding this encampment and the use of police powers has been reviewed in respect of the two extended families not currently exempt from eviction.
“The use of these powers has not been considered lawful or proportionate in these particular circumstances.”
Translation: "Kids? Let me check....nope, even with the 'obesity crisis', they don't have enough points to outweigh travellers. No, not even if some are black or disabled."


Anonymous said...

I see on the news that Eric Pickles recent decisions on pikeys unlawfully occupying land has been quashed by the courts? Why are these useless parasites so protected?

andy5759 said...

Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travelers. Hah, brilliant.

JuliaM said...

"Why are these useless parasites so protected?"

I wish I knew... :/

"Hah, brilliant."


Think it came from a commenter at Insp Gadget's old blog!