Sunday, 25 January 2015

"I Talk To The Trees..."

....and they say 'Suffer, bitch!':
“I don’t want to move out because I’ve got beautiful neighbours. This place feels like home to me.”
Aggie Dabska's problem?
Aggie Dabska, 34, said her chronic fear of spiders has stopped her opening any of the windows facing the dreaded tree outside her Cardiff home.
And if the spiders in the tree weren’t bad enough, Aggie said the tree has also stopped light entering her eight-year-old son’s bedroom and has blocked her phone signal at her home in of Plymouth Wood Close in Ely.
Maybe it's an Ent, and it's really, really mad at you?
“After I posted a note online, someone came and hacked off some of the branches so it is a bit better now, but no one ever calls me about it.”
Who do you think should call you?
Ely Councillor Sue Goddard said: “We don’t have a letter from Ms Dabska on record, but now that we are aware of this we will see what we can do. However it is unlikely that the council would cut down the tree as it is their policy not to cut down healthy trees.
“As it happens we have been trying to get some other trees pruned for about five years on Plymouth Wood Close, and so we will be adding her concerns to a letter we are addressing to the council’s parks department.”
Ah, yes, it takes five years to get trees pruned. Truly, the local councils are typical agents of the State!


Anonymous said...

Cardiff? Ely?

JuliaM said...

The seventh circle of hell?