Saturday, 24 January 2015

Maybe That's Exactly What Is Needed..?

The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has come under fire from lawyers who claim her latest guidance could result in more children being expelled from school.
Yes. And..?
Just for Kids Law has challenged Morgan’s proposals to lower the expulsion threshold. Under new statutory guidance, headteachers can remove a child from class if their conduct is deemed detrimental to the education or welfare of others in the class.
The previous threshold required schools to establish that serious harm was being caused to others.
There follows the usual old flannel you'd expect, from luminaries such as Lorraine Schofield, headteacher of Wootton primary school in Northampton and Robert Campbell, principal of Impington Village College.

All bewailing the effect this will have on the poor lambs disrupting every other kid's education. Because they *sob* are victims!

And then we have this:
For too long we’ve always considered behaviour in relation to the interests of the one pupil in the class, rather than the other 29 whose learning has been affected.
I applaud the secretary of state’s response which gives schools the opportunity to ensure that behaviour can be challenged and dealt with robustly.
Of course certain lawyers will make money from such a legal challenge. Of course there are situations like the “cheddars” [when a boy was excluded for taking mini cheddars to school] one that are disproportionate. But for far too long the pendulum has swung in favour of the perpetrators rather than the majority.
Sadly, the person who said this is listed as 'anonymous'. Doesn't that say a lot about how far the progressive rot has spread?


andy5759 said...

This new threshold sounds like a good way of rounding up those who can't be educated. Then corral them in 'schools' where their (mis)behaviour cannot possibly affect those colleagues around them.

JuliaM said...

Like they used to do. Before ideology gor more important than results.