Monday, 12 January 2015

Local Newspapers – Keeping Lunatics Occupied For Years

Amanda Critchlow, 56, was tucking into a slice of steak pie in the cafe at the main Asda store, in Holles Street, Grimsby, when her daughter Rebecca noticed that something was not quite right with the meal.
Oh, lord, please say this isn’t going to be another ‘maggot in the meat pie’ story?
The pie was labelled as being a steak pie on the menu, but after Rebecca sampled a piece she told her mother she could taste ale in its sauce.
Oh. Well, who’d complain abou…

The pair confronted staff at the cafe who said the pie did indeed contain ale, and Amanda said there had been no indication of there being so on the cafe's menu.
Amanda, who has been a practising Muslim for the past eight years but who does eat some non-Halal meat, told the Grimsby Telegraph she now feels guilty because consuming alcohol is forbidden in her religion.
Amanda, of Harrington Street, Cleethorpes, said: "I'm a recovering alcoholic and a practising Muslim – I wouldn't even eat a wine gum.
"I have been going to that cafe every Thursday for the past few months to have their steak pie.
"It's a lovely pie and now I know why I like it so much. I couldn't believe it when the staff told me it contained ale."
She added: "Medically, I know it is not going to harm me, but it is the fact that you don't know what you're eating."
Ummm, yes.

You do have to wonder at the sort of people that think ‘Yes, telling this story is going to put me in the best possible light’, don’t you?

I’ll leave it to the newspaper comment section to run with this, I think…
Should have gone to Alan's Snackbar instead
I have an Islamic dog that has a tendency to bite people. Should I muslim?
Jesus... Sorry, Allah. Anyhow - I'm off into the store later to buy some Terrys All Gold. I had best not be disappointed.
Its alright for you taking the Michael. this poor woman may well not get her 72 virgin Chippendales because of this callous act by ASDA .
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Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for her. She obviously believes the bit where Gabriel tells Mo that should a drop of wine fall into a lake then it dry up, it remains haram when it fills again.

Macheath said...

It gets better:

'Muslims warned it is a 'sin' to eat the steak pie in the Asda cafe'

Robert said...

I hate to be a pedant, but surely the alcohol in the ale would have boiled off during the cooking process.

Little Black Sambo said...

A pity she is not a recovering Moslem and practising alcoholic.

Dr Cromarty said...

I suppose we should be grateful her sense of grievance didn't lead her to take a Kalashnikov to the Asda cafe. Still, the Ummah continues to draw on the lower centiles of IQ for converts.

Anonymous said...

"Amanda and her daughter Rebecca, 33, have since lodged a complaint with Asda who said it would be altering its menu in its Grimsby store."

Can I suggest Gammon Pie as an appropriate menu modification ?

Still having waves of nausea seeing Dave marching in memory of those who would have been imprisoned for hate crimes under his regime.

andy5759 said...

I've avoided watching the news so that I don't catch a glimpse of the quislings and their pantomime of quivering bottom lips and crocodile tears. I am easily upset.

Anonymous said...

Robert, see Anon at 10.06. The almost universal presence of yeast spores causing fermentation and the volatility of alcohol weren't recorded.

Anonymous said...

"a practising Muslim for the past eight years but who does eat some non-Halal meat"

If you eat non-Halal meat, you're not a practicing Muslim.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Damn stupid Suidaephobic bitch.

JuliaM said...

"It gets better:"

Heh! 'Eating or drinking things that are forbidden by mistake is neither a sin nor something to kick a fuss about.

“It is a mistake that should not be made next time.'

Common sense!

"Can I suggest Gammon Pie as an appropriate menu modification ?"