Saturday, 31 January 2015

Squat, Brutish And Short-Tempered, With Few Redeeming Qualities...

...but enough about the owners of pit-bulls, what about the animals themselves?
The court heard the pair have suffered threats in their local community and have had their windows smashed and been forced to move as a result of the incident.
 Hmmm, is this thing on?

Recorder Anton Lodge QC sentenced both Mitchell and Mielnik to three month suspended prison sentence.
'The community should realise the punishment for what you have done is reserved to the courts, which are publicly seen and overlooked,' said the recorder.
Oh, they knew that, and they probably realised that they'd get off with little punishment. Gosh. I wonder why they decided not to trust the court system?

It's a real puzzle, isn't it?


Ed P said...

"They consented to the dogs being destroyed" WTF? Consented? There's a deep sickness in this blighted land, where dangerous dogs and their despicable "owners" are deemed more important than public safety.

Flaxen Saxon said...

I think you need to tap the glass on the meter thingy. Spare a thought for us poor owners of dangerous ferrets. 'Shagger, stop eating my skin tags.' He never complies to my heartfelt entreaties. Seems to me, you have to leave ferrets be, or shoot them (and the owners).

JuliaM said...

"WTF? Consented?"

I think they use this as a form of mitigation. Probably go straight out and buy another hellbeast from a backyard breeder.

"I think you need to tap the glass on the meter thingy."


Furor Teutonicus said...

Just sent the QC an E-Mail.....