Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay (Again)?

Judge Paul Glenn certified Lilley benefited from his criminality by £10,000, but as he has no assets, the judge declared the available amount to be the nominal sum of £1 and made a confiscation order in the same amount.
The £1 must be paid in 28 days or Lilley will serve an extra seven days in prison.
 *stunned face*
Barry Stockley was chairman of the Stoke-on-Trent Central Constituency Labour Party before leaving the party in 2010, after attempts to suspend Lilley were blocked by regional party officials during a period of political infighting.
Mr Stockley said there was no point in trying to get any more money from Lilley if he had no assets, but said there had been a missed opportunity to prevent him taking as much as he did.
Pity the judge couldn't place a confiscation order on the Labour Party instead...


andy5759 said...

Where have all the honourable people gone?

pjt said...

What would anyone do with a confiscated labour party? No one would buy it.

JuliaM said...