Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ministry Of (In)Justice…

A grieving mother was left sickened after her son's jailed killer was pictured laughing on Facebook.
OK, let’s face it, trying to stop this is virtually impossible. It’s what you do when you’ve discovered it that counts.
Photos of serving inmates in jail can only be released with the prison governor's permission.
Mrs Shearer said: 'Apparently you can have photos taken in prison. They shouldn't be put on Facebook or social media, but they obviously didn't give a damn.'
And why not?

Well, the attitude of the authorities when this is brought to their attention might have something to do with it:
The Ministry of Justice originally denied that the picture had been taken in prison, but today have admitted that the photo featuring Redman and his brother was taken in jail.
Here’s a thought: the person or persons that authorised the release of the initial lie should be dismissed for misconduct in a public office.

Maybe then, it’d be taken more seriously?


Lord T said...

I agree with your conclusion. Until there are consequences there will be no changes.

However, this is about closure. She is expecting some form of remorse above and beyond his sentence. What is she doing looking at their facebook page anyway? It can do no good at all. Plus when he gets out, which he will soon enough she will see him smiling in the street and out enjoying himself.

She is torturing herself. I feel for her but I don't see there is a happy ending here for her and it won't end well.

Such is justice in the UK.

JuliaM said...

"She is torturing herself. "

Oh, indeed. I agree. Much as James Bulger's mother.