Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Who's To Blame..?

Over the road from where a 12-year-old Indigenous boy was found dying in the Coles car park in Alice Springs last weekend, there used to be a night time drop-in centre run by the local Indigenous health service. Trained youth workers would have been there engaging with the local young people. If it had been open, the boy who died might have been saved. He might not even have been abusing inhalants if there was some other option that night, like playing pool or cruising the internet in a bright place surrounded by friends.
Gosh, where were his parents?

Oh, wait. This is CiF.
But the drop-in centre was closed last year by the Northern Territory government.
Yup! It's all the fault of the State.


Ted Treen said...

Probably in rehab or prison...

Ed P said...

Indigenous? WTF happened to using the accurate term aboriginal? It's just more New-speak, presumably issuing from otherwise idle hands in some overstaffed government department. Bah!

Bucko said...

I often find myself abusing inhalants when I can't find an alternative, state sponsored, option.

It just makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

Why is the aboriginal apartheid so eagerly pressed and so heavily financed.

JuliaM said...

"Indigenous? WTF happened to using the accurate term aboriginal?"

Can't they just use 'of non-criminal descent'..? ;)