Thursday, 15 January 2015

Trees Are Immortal..?

Who knew..?
"We wanted to draw attention to the fact that the tree is scheduled for the chop," explained Simon Mouncey, 47, who lives in Chelmsford and is a member of Transition Chelmsford community group.
"No one knows how old any tree of this type is because they never die. If anything were to happen to this tree I think there would be a curse on Chelmsford."



Anonymous said...

The giant redwood, the London plane, the Yew, the Hydrangea...
none of them carry the programmed cell death gene.

Also bear in mind that chlorophyll and human blood are only one molecule apart.

Want to live forever?

Anonymous said...

The photograph is of some really stupid people hugging an average mature plane tree, no elves visible.

JuliaM said...

"...none of them carry the programmed cell death gene."