Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Shut Up, Proles, Justice Has Been Done Because WE SAY IT HAS!"

Police have insisted justice has been done despite a cancer con woman avoiding jail.
What do the actual victims say?
Victims said: “There is no justice in this world,” as they left Basildon Crown Court, but the investigating officer has reassured them justice has been done.
I think 'tried to reassure them' would be more accurate...
Speaking after the sentence, investigating officer DC Rob Lewis said: "Albeit the victims are disappointed with the sentence received by Mrs Watson, justice has today been served.
"We hope that this will deter others from committing rare crimes of this nature, which have such as devastating impact on the victims and sadly have had an adverse effect on the good work of charities.
“We would like to reassure the public that Essex Police will take positive action to bring offenders to justice.”
They've seen your 'justice' and they clearly don't think much of it.

What was the reason for leniency this time (as if I couldn't guess)?
...her jail term was suspended for two years as she showed remorse had a six-week-old child and a 21-month-old child.
Oh? Did she?
DC Lewis said: "We would like to thank the large number of witnesses and victims for their patience and support throughout the investigation.
"Danielle Watson acted in a cold and calculated manner, she befriended and abused the trust of kind and generous people who wanted to help a person they thought was dying. She obtained significant financial gain, gifts and services from the kind hearted.
"At no stage in the investigation did she demonstrate any form of remorse or shoulder responsibility for her conduct.”
Ah. Only, it would seem, in court. At the behest of her mouthpiece.


Ed P said...

It'd be a shame if she ever does develop cancer, as no-one will believe it (and she'll need earplugs to drown out the raucous laughter).

Dr Evil said...

What the cops should have said was the law has been complied with and a sentence passed. Justice of course rarely comes into it, but law does. Justice is ephemeral and elusive, just like jailing that single mother for a week, in secret.

Anonymous said...

Time this generally awful, toe curling and pointless tradition of post sentence police speeches ended.
Generally couched in PC terms - WTF for?

Anonymous said...

She has a 21 month old get-out-of-jail card - I mean, child?

Oh well, I guess only another fourteen years and three months and she'll have to go back on the straight and narrow.

swanseajock said...

It's hardly the cops' fault this time. They charged her and she went to court, got found guilty and the courts gave her the pathetic sentence.

JuliaM said...

"It'd be a shame if she ever does develop cancer, as no-one will believe it..."


"What the cops should have said was the law has been complied with and a sentence passed."

Once, our public sector workers (especially the old-style 'Sir Humphrey' civil servant) had the gift of writing responses that left you in no doubt how they really felt.

This modern sort just throw stock phrases at everything.

"It's hardly the cops' fault this time."

The sentence isn't, no. The overly-gushing PR reaction to it IS.