Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lindy West's Cup Isn't Half-Full, Is It..?

It probably isn't just half-empty, either, it's probably made from earth from a cursed Indian burial ground and filled with Ebola-laced water...
I think we can all agree, unless you are Earth’s worst, scruple-free man-toad, that 2014 was the most dismal misery parade on record.
Ah. That 'Guardian' use of 'we' again, which means 'all my progressive friends'.

So what's got Lindy's knickers in a twist this time?
Ferguson, Rolling Stone, Robin Williams, lost planes, melting icecaps, ethics in video-game journalism – I was gearing up to write your typical doom-and-gloom listicle counting all the ways that 2014 made me want to move to the moon...
Don't let us stop you.

So, to sum up, Lindy's issues are, in order, the inability of black thugs to assault the police with impunity, the fact that rape lies unravel so easily, some celebrity death, some non-celebrity death, non-existent 'climate disaster' and feminists finally choosing victims who don't roll over.

Did she like anything? Well, yes. The sort of things you'd expect someone like her to like.

Here's an example.
The US supreme court issued a ruling in October that will, eventually, expand the number of American states with marriage equality to 32. If you still care about this non-issue, you are a bozo who loves throwing time and energy in the garbage. You’re going to lose. Do something useful with your life.
Says the woman writing an almost-universally-panned-by-commenters article in CiF.

Tough crowd, eh, Lindy?

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