Monday, 5 January 2015

Thank God For The Comment Section…

Police are being called in to speak to pupils at a Belvedere junior school after a youngster brought a blade into a lesson.
Bedonwell Junior School will be receiving a visit from a Safer Neighbourhoods Team officer following the incident on November 28.
Oh dear..!
Headteacher Ivor Gordo said: “No one was hurt and we took swift action to confiscate the item.
“After I had investigated the circumstances, I took firm action to prevent any reccurrence.
“The welfare of our pupils and staff is my number one priority and I have invited an officer from our local Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team to the school next week to give a talk on safety.”
Ah. All’s well that ends well, right?

Or…maybe not?
Erastus. says...
The child in question is 8 years old, he put the blade up to another childs face. The class teacher (Miss Sidhu) wasnt even in the classroom while this was going on. Mr Gordo asked the children not to speak to anyone about the incident, probably so they could try and brush it under the carpet like they do with other issues at the school.
Well, well, well…

Cover ups seem to be very much the name of the game for schools:
It took three weeks before the truth finally emerged at an emergency meeting called by parents, when it was confirmed a year five child did bring the weapon into school.
In a statement, a council spokesman said the school had “dealt with a very rare incident appropriately and sensitively and are bound by confidentiality not to discuss the issues but we can confirm that all the children’s safety has been addressed”.
Feeling reassured?


Anonymous said...

Usual corrupt PC vermin. Wonder how overpaid these characters are ? It slipped out a few months back that a head teacher (Headmistress to you and me, and this HAD to be a "wimmin") was paid MORE than the prime minister, thanks to the governers. Who are ALL PC types. When asked why, they said she was a highly talented type, and does other things with other schools - when asked to say what, they refused to say. In other words usual PC types taking public money under false pretences.

Fahrenheit211 said...

A friend recently said that I as both wrong and paranoid to believe that teachers, social workers, police officers and similar public 'servants' should be viewed with exteme suspicion. When I see cases like this come up it makes me wonder whether I'm not suspicious and paranoid enough about the antics and attitudes of those who are supposed to serve us. Such people are not friends of you or your children, they are self serving often agenda and ideology driveb scum and sadly they need to be treated as such.

Teacher and school arrogance like this should, if there is any justice, lead to more people home schooling and keeping kids out of our debased and often unsafe education system.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaah.... I smell vibrant, cultural enrichment. I mean - Lucky old Belvedere, near to Erith which has, according to the late Linda Smith, A suicide pact with some shithole somewhere else in the world... ahh, yes, Dagenham!

JuliaM said...

"Usual corrupt PC vermin."

Yes indeed.

" When I see cases like this come up it makes me wonder whether I'm not suspicious and paranoid enough..."

Me too. Gove needed 25 years in office to even scratch the surface.

"Aaaaaaah.... I smell vibrant, cultural enrichment."

Of the sort that has ensured we are already almost into double figures for knifed yoof on the streets of London in 2015 and January isn't over yet!