Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Have You Finished 'Investigating' Yet?

A colleague at Bierley Pharmacy, where Mr Hirst has worked delivering prescriptions for five years, said: “He is such a lovely guy – all the customers love him.”
A police spokesman said American bulldogs were not on the national dangerous dogs list.
He added: “Officers are in close contact with the family of the complainant and supporting them where necessary. We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and enquiries remain ongoing.”
A delivery man who had a bone ripped from his arm in a brutal dog attack has taken the "gut-wrenching" decision to have it amputated.
Chris Hirst is now waiting for a prosthetic replacement after 19 months of treatment, weeks in hospital, more than 40 hours on the surgeon's table and nine operations failed to save the damaged limb.
 The dog, you ask..? So does everyone else.
claret or green ? says...
A very brave man. So sad that everybody's efforts have, in the end, been in vain. No mention of the dog, but one would wish it was put down so it could not hurt anyone else. I hope Mr Hirst has the best Christmas possible with his family.
I can't find anything about any police action in this case. Am I therefore to assume there wasn't any?


andy5759 said...

Why, oh why did we bow down to the wisdom of our betters and allow such a definition as "dangerous breeds". In dangerous hands any breed can be dangerous. This is what we get from stupid people, stupid laws and plenty of suffering.

JuliaM said...

Because legislation in the wake of a tragedy is ALWAYS hastily cobbled together & unworkable.

We know this, yet do it again and again and again...