Wednesday 8 May 2013

Amazingly, No-one Was Stabbed…

Members of Croydon Friends of the Earth toured mobile phone shops in the town centre on Saturday to raise awareness of their latest campaign.
As part of the 'Make it Better' campaign, shoppers and sellers were quizzed on whether they knew what lies behind some of the most popular mobile phones.
I wonder just where they got their information from..?
According to research from Friends of the Earth an essential component in mobile phones is tin, and mining the tin is killing coral and forests and also affecting the lives of communities overseas.
As Tim Worstall points out with regard to the other tack attempted by NGOs, this is likely to be mostly bunk:
Rebecca Parnell of Friends of the Earth said: "We were delighted with the response from both shoppers and Croydon’s phone shop managers.
"They were really supportive of the campaign, and understood that customers are becoming increasingly concerned that people's homes and livelihoods are being destroyed just for their phones."
And how many have decided not to buy one or use one as a result, Rebecca?

What’s that? None of them have?



Jack Savage said...

It is truly a mystery what has come over Friends of the Earth in the last couple of decades. They have morphed from a once laudable environmental pressure group into a mad cult.

Anonymous said...

Foes of the People couldn't find any shops in Croydon selling canned food then ?

Eco-mentalism at its most selective and looniest.

Anonymous said...

...and in Croydon? They should have ried a 'training shoe' initiative along the same lines. They'd definitley have got stabbed telling Delroy, leroy, Moesha and Kinesha about how awful the people who make then get paid etc. The teeth sucking noises would be heard in Dover.

JuliaM said...

"They have morphed from a once laudable environmental pressure group into a mad cult."

I think it's something that inevitably happens to big charities in the end - WWF, Greenpeace, RSPCA...

"The teeth sucking noises would be heard in Dover."


Tim Worstall said...

The FoE stuff about tin is explained here: