Tuesday 28 May 2013

It's The Fact She Didn't Need A Bag Over The Head That Gave The Game Away?

God knows, most of the English liars do...
A 19-year-old aspiring model has been arrested after she threw herself into a ditch with a plastic Walmart bag over her head and falsely claimed she was raped - all in an effort to win back her ex-boyfriend, police say.
Luckily, no-one was arrested as a result. In the States, clearly, they don't just assume the woman can't possibly be lying:
However, as detectives interviewed her, they began to notice holes in her tale, according to the Birmingham News.
How refreshing!

H/T: Mark Wadsworth via email


John Pickworth said...

... all in an effort to win back her ex-boyfriend

Mmmm lets see...

Box of chocolates? Nope

Tickets to the ball game? Nah

An apology followed by a romantic dinner? Too mushy

Claiming that she's just been pumped full of semen by Billy-Bob and his 20 beer sozzled red-neck mates? Yeah, that'll work. Probably.

JuliaM said...

I know, it's insane!