Tuesday 21 May 2013

They Get Away With It Because No Senior Council Staff Or Top Cops Live In That Road…

… despite calls from rattled and sleep-deprived residents about the problems - which started last summer - they say Lewisham Council officers have failed to stop the music and police cars have just driven on by.
There's a shocker. What, no targets for it?
Arranged by flyer beforehand, residents say guests are charged upwards of £10 to get in, a bouncer is put on the door, and cars pull up all night delivering supplies for the raves.
Hmmm... A commercial enterprise? Perhaps HMRC would show more teeth in this instance?
Leslie Keener, 76, said: "The sound system they've got is meant for a hall not a house. "But what can you do? They seem to get away with it."
Oh, the council does show up. But that's all.
Neighbours said Lewisham Council officers turned up early during the last party but, shortly after they left, the music just started again.
A Lewisham Council spokesman said: “We attended the address on May 5 following a complaint of loud music. The resident was told to turn down the music which she subsequently did.
“On May 9 we wrote to the resident informing them of our noise policy and that if we get any more complaints about noise then we will take further appropriate action as needed.”
You'll turn up again, tell them to put a lid on it, then scarper? Great! That'll help.
A spokeswoman for Lewisham police said: “We are aware of a number of complaints that have been made by residents regarding this address and it is being investigated along with our partners at Lewisham Council.”
Really? They can do that by....just driving past?
Inspector Daren Donoghue of Safer Neighbourhoods Lewisham said: "We take a robust stance to dealing with any unlicensed event.
“Illegal gatherings cause a great deal of disruption and distress to local communities and often result in damage being caused to property and land. Anyone considering holding such an event should reconsider their intentions carefully."
Did he wag his finger and frown as he said that?


Tatty said...

"Did he wag his finger and frown as he said that?"

Mmhmm..with a twinkle in his eye and an almost imperceptible smirk.

ageing man said...

I have posted my theory on shooting off a toe... well I have a solution for the harassed residents of Brookdale Road, Catford.

Simple really.... shoot the sound system.... most patrol cars carries guns so no shortage of officers and I bet that stops the music.

Ta dah... this law and order thing is a piece of p!ss really

Woman on a Raft said...

Somebody should ring the RSPCA and tell them there's pets in there being subjected to loud noises.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Here, "Second time out".

You call the Police, they "have a word", in a normal Berlin police sort of way.

Happens again within the month, ALL sound equipment conffiscated. Drug tests, drink tests (We can Brethelyse for non traffic offences here). Party closed down, fuck off to Mummy.

You need some German law.

John Pickworth said...

Meanwhile, discarded flyers in the road advertised a further rave called Maureen Millionz Birthday Party

This one perhaps?

And judging from the ethnic profile, its not surprising that Lewisham Council doesn't want to get too involved.

JuliaM said...

"Mmhmm..with a twinkle in his eye and an almost imperceptible smirk."


"Somebody should ring the RSPCA and tell them there's pets in there being subjected to loud noises."

Now there's an idea! Though if John's right about the ethnic profile of the area, even that may not prompt action from the authorities...

"You need some German law."

We need some German cops...!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine (plus some other residents) complained to their local authority about regular noise from a particular house in the street. Council officials came out and said the "the level of sound was not intrusive" - note the word 'sound' as opposed to 'noise'. The result was that an enterprising resident stood outside with a portable tape recorder and recorded the 'sound'. The next day, they sttod in the foyer of the council offices and played the recording back. When officials and staff complained, the reply was, "Mr.......... of your EHD stated the level of this sound is not intrusive. Perhaps you should have a word with him?" Security, and Police, were called and the resident left the offices. The next complaint to the council about the 'non intrusive sound' resulted in the equipment being confiscated and the house holders being fined.