Monday 6 May 2013

Man Bites Stabs Dog

Mr Kennedy was approached by the men on Gordon Square shortly before midnight on Saturday.
He said they got out of a silver BMW 1 Series and they asked him where someone lived who they were looking for.
His six-year-old dog Buster was on a lead and moved towards one of the men, who told Mr Kennedy to control it.
Mr Kennedy said: “The dog advanced and I pulled him back and then one guy repeated the warning.
“Before I could pull it back he pulled out a knife. He stabbed it in the abdomen. It went through its intestine and its colon.”
 The breed of dog? Well, not a chuhuahua, or a labrador retriever, of course...
Mr Kennedy said he was too shocked to realise the extent of the injuries until he got home.
 The commenters aren't buying it.
Police are now investigating.
A spokeswoman for the force said: “Police were called at 12.10am on Sunday April 21 to reports of a dog being stabbed in Gordon Square.
“Officers attended and the dog was taken to the vet for treatment. Inquiries are ongoing.”
Maybe they should start with the person these men were allegedly looking for?

H/T: Dave Ward via email


Tatty said...

"Armed police were scrambled"

Why ???

I've read some selective reporting in my time and managed to read between the lines...MONA stuff usually...but there's no clue in there as to why armed units would even be necessary or, rather more dramatically, scrambled.

How very odd.

JuliaM said...

Because it was a knife. That now draws the full-on English SWAT type response.

Andy said...

So is this a undeserved attack on a pet pooch or a canine weapon coming off worst?