Tuesday 14 May 2013

If It Ain't Broke, Try To Fix It Anyway...

...or people will wonder what it is you do...
Girl Guiding needs to get rid of its ‘middle-class’ reputation and show people that it is ‘cool’, according to its new chief executive.
Oh dear! Usually, a statement like this means membership is declining!
She added: 'The number of new girls joining Girl Guides has been growing over the last eight years.'
*confused face*
Miss Bentley said ‘I would have probably had the perception that Girl Guides was for middle-class girls when I was growing up, seeing as I am very working class and I was never a Brownie or a Guide.'
Ah! I see. So we need to 'have a modern, inclusive, diverse Girl Guides' then..?
‘However, the units do reflect the places they are in - in terms of social class, diversity and ethnicity.’

So...I'm at a loss here regarding just what the issue really is...
The head of Girl Guiding UK added the organisation has an image problem that she was intent on improving.
But you aren't losing members, you aren't 'hideously white' like fellow self-hating institution, the BBC. Who, other than you, is saying that you have an image problem?
Miss Bentley once described Girl Guiding as the 'ultimate feminist organisation' as it teaches girls confidence and valuable life skills.
Whereas you - a 'working class girl' in your own words, which is a mighty strange way to describe a 20 year career in the charity sector, better suited for describing someone who works in Greggs or cleans the Guiding HQ offices - just seem to have learned how to carve out a lucrative career in the third sector, endlessly reinventing the wheel and getting your name in the papers for all the wrong reasons...


Anonymous said...

My friends.

They have taken my children without a lawful warrant. They will not let me access my children. They have taken my hard d rive and my mobile.
I don't think I will be able to respond to you, but I will contact the DM.


Anonymous said...

Who, the Girl Guides?

Anonymous said...

*** wibble ***

Lance Manley said...

Hi JuliaM

I thought I'd inherited Feral when Gadget packed up his pips and closed shop but it seems we share this creature. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

I've heard sadsacks calling their cats and dogs "my children" before but using the term for a hard drive and mobile is new to me.

Anonymous said...


Besides the Girl Guides taking people's children without a warrant, do you need a warrant for a Scout/Guide camp? Julia Miss Bentley would probably disagree agree and thinks that getting your name in the papers for a 'good reason' is a joy to behold. However the rest of us, tend agree with you, watch the membership plummet as she attempts to introduce diversity training badges and Common Purpose affiliations.

Ian Hills said...

I understand the Girl Guides now officially disapproves of page three pictures in the Sun. Goodness knows why - I have never seen a single picture of a Girl Guide on page three.

MTG said...

I can't bring myself to watch it but the Girl Guides movement was always destined for chavisation.

Feral's comments are sometimes crude/adrift but was there ever any spite or harm therein? Far better that her plod tormentors concealed their malice and intolerance than parade their shameful vices. The 'educatid' will certainly not grasp the huge benefits to our species, of some individuals being wired up differently.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

when I was growing up, seeing as I am very working class and I was never a Brownie or a Guide.
And you never had piano or ballet lessons either, I expect.

As a result, she resents other girls who did. And why shouldn't she? Their parents loved them more than hers did her.

Sucks to be you. Do you burst into tears every time you saw a pony you never rode?

Julie Bentley is the only person ever from a working class background. And she boasts "20 years of third-sector experience" - thank Heavens they didn't say 'work', like cleaning grease off machinery or working in a pub or almost anything I, privileged 20, did in his life up until the age of 27.

I'd rather let my daughter frequent the fast food shops in Rochdale than go anywhere near the Girl Guides.

There'd be less chance that she'd be f*cked up for life.

Anonymous said...

Oh Melvin you are so predictable.My enemies enemy etc etc.
Just because you are both kindred spirits-mad and annoying-you feel you have to defend her.