Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Couldn’t Have Seen This Coming, Eh?

Gary Vango, 31, was carrying out unpaid painting and decorating work at Shoebury High School as punishment for attacking a police officer.
CCTV cameras from a Saturday during last July showed the father of two entering the school’s finance office, which had been left unlocked by the cleaner.
Vango, of Richmond Avenue, Shoebury, then broke into a drawer and stole £50 - which had been raised through the school tuck shop and a second-hand uniform sale.
Yes, indeed, and you’ll no doubt be utterly astonished to learn it wasn’t a first offence, won’t you? He has a string of convictions including burglary, shoplifting and false representation offences.

So why was he given community work in a school, of all places?
Richard Potts, mitigating, said the former drug addict was now in full-time employment and carrying out voluntary community work.
He added: “It was an impulsive crime.
“It was one in which he saw an opportunity. “The opportunity arose at a time of crisis in his family.
“Having recently secured work and stopped his benefit claim, he had been let off and was in severe financial difficulty. The temptation proved too much for him.”
So, he didn’t learn anything at all from being given a community punishment for the assault on a police officer? You shock me, you really do.

Well, I'm sure the full majesty of the justice system will now land on hi..

Yesterday Judge Jonathan Black handed him an eight month prison sentence, but suspended it for 18 months.
Addressing Vango at Basildon Crown Court, he said: “The breach of trust that you exhibited is a serious one. Firstly, you were on community pay-back at the time and you were trusted by the people who placed you in the school to carry out that work and not commit further offences.
Without schools and other organisations which are willing to provide placements for offenders there would be no unpaid work and that would mean more offenders in prison. Your actions might make others re-think their involvement in unpaid work in the future and I have no doubt organisations reading about this case will take that view.”
Well, gosh, Judge Black, won’t that be awful for you? Having to send people to prison? We must arrange counselling…


Woman on a Raft said...

I'll bet the painting he did was rubbish, too. If it needed doing, it should have been done for a proper wage and the job gone to tradesperson, someone who was trying to stay inside the law by working for a living.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of schools, a great way of Ed Miliband gaining some support would be to visit rural schools and invite the parents along for a question and answer along with the children. I think coming in from the outside and working his way in would be a good way to gain acknowledgement in those hard to reach places.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, VERY funny twit photo. Very funny indeed.

Haven't stoppped laughing!


Rielouise said...

A community sentence for an attack on a police officer? That's ever so slightly mental.

Not at all desperate Dan said...

"Community work" by violent offenders should only be carried at at the homes of the judiciary and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Rielouise-that's not the only thing that's mental on here today. I hope the Queen isn't too upset as i've heard she's a regular reader on this blog and often posts under anonymous.

JuliaM said...

"I'll bet the painting he did was rubbish, too."

I wonder just how much of this 'community work' has to be redone, properly, afterwards?

"Speaking of schools, a great way of Ed Miliband gaining some support would be to..."

...not be Ed Milliband? ;)

" That's ever so slightly mental."

Par for the course, these days ... :/

""Community work" by violent offenders should only be carried at at the homes of the judiciary and politicians."