Sunday 26 May 2013

Sunday Funnies...

Humour and topicality today.

I spoil you, don't I?


Anonymous said...

Aren't most of these from the USA where Police officers have guns? A friend of mine who is a State Trooper in Utah said, "If a man with a knife approaches you, you step back, warn him, step back again, warn him again, take one more step back, pull out your .45 Glock and shoot the b*stard!" I think that would especially apply to the knifeman shown. There is no real defence, apart from experience and alertness, to the presence of hidden or disguised sharp blades but if in doubt, when searching someone, ask if there are any sharp objects on their person, though still take care as it has been known, even if it's difficult to believe, for people to lie to Police. If searching a person or bag, ask if there are any sharp instruments in there. If told 'no', then just be very careful and make sure your partner is watching. If alone, ask the person to tip the bag out onto a container, tray, cloth or some other flat surface (if she's being a pain in the a*se, the pavement makes a good flat surface!).

JuliaM said...

"Aren't most of these from the USA where Police officers have guns?"

Yup, it seems to be a (rather dated!) US police training or PR video.