Monday 20 May 2013

“Stop, Or I’ll Shout ‘Stop’ Again!”…

Action could be taken against those who breached an injunction forbidding them to attend a horse drive on Sunday.
Judge Jeremy Richardson warned those attending the prohibited event in Endike Lane could face prison after hundreds turned up to a similar event last year, causing mayhem.
I see a lot of 'could' there. Is that supposed to be a deterrent?
About 20 horse and cart riders turned up this time, despite the warning, and now Humberside Police and Hull City Council are mulling over whether to prosecute.
Well, what's the point in issuing a warning then? What's to mull over?
Jane Price, area director for Riverside, Wyke and West, said: "We are currently working with Humberside Police to establish if there has been a breach of the injunction and if any further action is needed."
You told them not to come. They came. Now, over to you. Pour encourager les autres...


James Higham said...

People are just not obeying these days.

Bucko said...

That reminds me of an episode of Star Trek. Two 'guardians told Captain Kirk and the others to, 'Come with us'.
Kirk just said, 'No', and the guardians went into a meltdown because they had no idea how to deal with disobedience.

The cops said don't go but some people went anyway. Now they haven't got a clue how to respond.

Woman on a Raft said...

Looking at the video, this appears to be a particular segment of the population who enjoy driving carriage horses and have several places of dwelling.

Hint: not the Duke of Edinburgh.

blueknight said...

Part of the problem might be that they (the Police) cannot prove who turned up.
Reading further down 4 were arrested for traffic offences so they will be known now, but the travelling fraternity are always very good at concealing their true identity.
I have ordered popcorn and a large slushy drink for this one..

Anonymous said...

Horse and cart riders and supporters ignoring an injunction, coupled with the indecisiveness of Police to prosecute makes me suspicious that there were a fairly large number of caravans in the vicinity. Why don't the authorities just tell them that they can do what they want. They do anyway and it would save all this politically correct hand wringing.

John Pickworth said...

If we paid the cops according to performance they'd be a lot of uniformed activity around the food banks all of a sudden.

To be fair though, there's a cat in hell's chance they'd get any of these 'offenders' to turn up in court anyway.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Land mines, and Claymores.

The only, and best answer.