Monday 20 May 2013

More Danger Inflation…

'I don't want this to happen to anyone else. People have got to get the message before a baby goes face first into the hot sand in the same situation.'
Because it’s not sufficiently awful that a six year old had this accident – it could have been a baby. A BABY!!

So…what message do people need to get? What needs to be done?

More warning signs on beaches? Bigger warning signs on disposable BBQ packaging?
Olivia's grandmother Pauline Gilmour said: 'I would like to see these barbecues banned from the beach altogether.
'Once that barbecue's been taken away there's nothing to see on the sand - and that's clearly dangerous.'
Well, of course you do. Isn't that the modern way, after all?

The fact that there are other hidden dangers lurking on beaches below the sand (broken glass, dog droppings, razor-sharp shells) is perhaps more a sign that maybe going barefoot isn't sensible…

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