Wednesday 29 May 2013

Looks Like Social Workers Are Catching Up With Teachers….

…at least, in the social media faux pas stakes:
Three boys aged four, seven and nine were taken into care following a private court hearing in Chelmsford Crown Court on May 9.
Within minutes of the court hearing, Siobhan Condon, said to be a senior Basildon social worker based at Ely House had commented on her Facebook page about the case.
She said: “Just experienced His Honour Judge [sic] give parents a massive rollicking. It was an amazing and extraordinary moment in my career.”
She added: “So the day is complete. Its so powerful to know that three children’s lives have just massively changed for the better and now they are safe and protected from and now have every hope for the future.”
Ouch! Do they never learn from the mistakes of others?

Well, I suppose since they don't learn from their own mistakes, it'd be daft to expect them to, but still...
The outspoken comments on a confidential matter have left the children’s parents distraught.
Their 39-year-old father said: “On the same day as the court case we found she had put all this on Facebook. The site was public until we complained to Essex County Council then they contacted Facebook and the page was suspended.
“I want it in the open and I want an apology.
And given the public nature of the boob, it was a lot swifter in coming than in any other social worker FAIL! situation:
An Essex County Council spokeman said: “Essex County Council has apologised to the family for what has happened. We take this matter extremely seriously. This is unacceptable and appropriate action will be taken.”
Bet she won't suffer more than having an interview without coffee. And she can go right on with her colleagues, who are, even as we read this, planning to trial a Brave New World north of the border...

H/T: Anna Raccoon


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...they are safe and protected from and now have every hope for the future.”

What, now that they're in care?


Macheath said...

WY, you beat me to it, but it does go some way to accounting for the foolhardy facebook post; anyone gifted with a level of optimism that makes Little Orphan Annie look like Eeyore is likely to have a fairly tenuous grip on reality or the relationship of cause and effect.

John Pickworth said...

"... we complained to Essex County Council then they contacted Facebook and the page was suspended."

But not before it was captured forever!


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Have linked to this, Julia.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I thoroughly enjoy masturbating.

Unlike Siobhan Condon, social worker (a less important council job than a binman, and if you disagree, see how long you can go without one) I generally do not put it up on FB when I do.

Especially when it involves other people. Which, when you think about it, it usually does.

Siobhan Condon is essentially saying "Look, Muummy, I got all of it in the pot!".

Even at my school, if my name had been 'Condon', I'd have been weighed heavily by its connotations. Had Shoebin changed it by deed poll to Councilwonk, her pain may have been averted.

They say that being picked on at school leaves a lasting effect. Adolf Hitler, for example, was always being called a Nazi at school because of his name, and look what happened.

banned said...

"Its so powerful to know that...". What sort of sentence is that?

As Weekend Yaughtsman hints, everyone apart from Ms. Condon knows that children condemned to Council Care are likely to emerge as ill-educated, criminal, drug-addicted prostitutes heading for an early death in gaol or the gutter.

JuliaM said...

"What, now that they're in care?


Yes, indeed. The stats give the lie to that one.

"Siobhan Condon is essentially saying "Look, Muummy, I got all of it in the pot!". "

Spot on!

"What sort of sentence is that?"

One steeped in social work theory-speak.

James Higham said...

There's this vast pool of narrative-ridden, under-educated non-comps, which is where current staff are drawn from in every field.

Anonymous said...

As the social worker was the first to use Offyoufacebook, There is no reason why this medium can't be used in response. "Social worker Siobhan Whatserface, who appears to have obtained her qualifications by reading Kafka, Brave New World, 1984, and Fred West's book on social justice, played a blinder by publicly gloating over a confidential matter affecting the future welfare of children. In my opinion, if this inept official is not sacked, it will merely prove that all of the senior management of Fairyland Social Services are just as inept and a danger to every parent of every child in their jurisdiction." should concentrate their mind somewhat.

Anonymous said...

OK I agree with all the thoughts on Social workers and the Social Worker in question (Siobhan Condon) is a really special case. She was dismissed from her employment on 23-may (this was her second time being dismissed from a social services position!). However she has (from 05-Sep) been re-employed within Child Social Care for as I beleive Medway Social Services.
I think it's disgusting that the social care system employs people of this standing.
This is a person who smokes in their car (whilst their daughter is in the car), has a drinking problem, cannot even maintain a relationship with their siblings and definately does not put her own child first!!!!....... Go Social Workers...... Rare breed

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is still employed as a social worker. That case with the parents and the family should had been confidential. She supposed to no
help keep the family together and help them NOT separate them and brand the parents as evil and spread it public like mud. why didn't she get done for it and banned from being a family social worker? Obviously she has no idea. Now the children are more worse off now in care. thankyou Siobhan. Another family you have scarred for life.

Anonymous said...

She did a good job of safeguarding children that were at risk of harm! Her only error was to post on Facebook. Now get on with your lives!!!

Anonymous said...

Separation is the LASt resort! The obviously tried other options.....

Anonymous said...

OK, the post on 09.09.13.- clearly the poster has inside knowledge of Ms Condon's family life - he thinks. Hell usually has no fury like a woman scorned. In this case - hell hath no fury like a man scorned - and with good reason!