Tuesday 30 December 2014

Gosh, I Wonder Who The Culprits Could Possibly Be..?

The RSPCA is hunting the sick individuals who dumped a horse so poorly and emaciated it could no longer stand in a south Essex park.
How awful! Any clues..?
The piebald mare was found collapsed and unable to get up in Wick Country Park, in Wickford.
Thames Gateway says...
I wonder who nearby has horses like that...and are perhaps not subject to the usual checks of officialdom due to the need 'not to stir things up'.
It's a puzzle indeed.

Update: Oh look! Another puzzle.


Ted Treen said...

What my Dad celled "Pikeys" but what we're now commanded (under pain of abuse, incarceration etc.) to reverentially call "Members of the travelling community".

No ethnic minority, these - merely a motley collection of Irish chancers who do not believe in making any contribution to society or its exchequer, but insist on having all society's benefits and then some, with a self-perception of victimhood rarely found outside Liverpool.

Of course, our esteemed overlords, who have to out-liberal each other in ever increasing spirals, go along with this - but they don't have to wake up to a dozen or more (untaxed/uninsured?) Transits & caravans 40 yards from their front lawn, and anything not actually bolted/welded down having "disappeared".

JuliaM said...

"No ethnic minority, these - merely a motley collection of Irish chancers who do not believe in making any contribution to society or its exchequer, but insist on having all society's benefits and then some///"

Which wouldn't be a problem, except the authorities seem determined to reinforce their sense of entitlement by pandering to them.

Make It Stop said...

From the second article link:-

"Police say it is up to the RSPCA if they want to pursue a prosecution against the owners"

For too long the police have been shirking their duty of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, palming the responsibility off to the RSPCA who gladly cherry pick the cases which will garner the attention of a TV crew and/or donations.

In my area we have a vast and truly ghastly encampment full of these non-travellers. Since they squatted and subsequently stole the land they live on (post WW2) they have relentlessly bred and neglected hundreds of equines on this site.

These poor animals languish miserably and now privately in the land surrounding Pikey City. Privately, because after years of myself and many others reporting the state of these animals to the police, the RSPCA and the British Horse Society, the Pikey horse breeders got fed up and built a 15ft high earth bank that hides the horses and their neglect from public view.

Ever mindful of the cost of actually feeding equines, and keen to get free fodder, the Pikey breeders often tether horses on the verge by A roads. The equines there are left with little food (grass on verges is often unpalatable to horses due to the filth from the roads) the tethers are usually about six feet long, so the horse can't graze beyond that distance, and of course, there is never any water left for them to drink.

I have taken water and hay to these animals over the years and the most notice the police ever took, was to stop one day and tell me that I could be sued if the hay I was leaving for the skeletal, worm bloated mare and foal made them ill. I ignored them.

Now the Pikey brigade breed cats and dogs too. Many people will cough up £500 for a poorly bred and cared for pedigree puppy or kitten, but won't be in the market for a horse.

At horse sales throughout the country, you will find many of these animals, often in the most terrible condition. The ones that don't sell are often just left behind in the car or lorry park at the end of the day (not just cats and dogs, horses too)

Equine Market Watch is about the only organisation who really keeps an eye on these activities. They attend sales and often remark about the absence of RSPCA "inspectors" or the police and the total lack of will to try and do something about the horrible animal mangling practices of the Pikey herd.

The last time I reported a badly neglected pony to the police I was reprimanded by a 12 year old copper for not using the term "Roma" (this particular Pikey herd is made up of Irish travellers, not Roma at all) and also for not accepting that in a multicultural society "different people have different cultural practices" - yeah, different cultural practices, that if I indulged in - breeding, neglecting, abusing and abandoning animals, I would find myself justly imprisoned for.