Sunday 21 December 2014

I Rather Think You’ve Got The Wrong End Of The (Drum)Stick…

A radio show poll on whether two turkeys should be ‘kept’ or ‘cooked’ has been condemned by the RSPCA.
Harriet Cawley, a spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “We do not see the entertainment value in killing an animal for this purpose.
“We would strongly urge the radio production team to rethink this stunt.”
Well, OK then. What happens if they do?
The turkeys, named Sage and Onion, are the only two of the 300-strong gang yet to be killed from Callow Farm in North Oxfordshire.
Last night around two-thirds had voted in favour of saving the turkeys.
Ah. Right. If they do rethink it, Sage & Onion will get the chop like the rest of their mates.

This way, they get to live. Isn't that better?
Queen guitarist and RSPCA vice-president Brian May tweeted he was “disgusted” by the stunt.
OK, Brian, but that’s because you’re a moron.


Twenty_Rothmans said...

That's DR Moron to you!

If I understand a market economy correctly, anyone can save these two cute birds by simply offering a high enough price. I am certain that Dr May can meet that.

JuliaM said...

'Doctor' is, I presume, one of these honorary degrees that 'universities' like to give out like Smarties?