Saturday 6 December 2014

They Shoot Horses, Don't They..? (Pt 2)

Yes. Yes they do.

Deer, however, they don't waste bullets on:
The officers – both long-serving and well respected, according to police sources – had been ordered to humanely destroy the animal, which had been hit by a vehicle.
However, it is believed the officers ignored protocol and used crowbars to kill the stricken deer – with Durham Police confirming that the animal was “apparently not destroyed in [a] humane manner”.
You don't say..?
This outcome was predicted by a whistleblower who contacted The Northern Echo earlier this year claiming that photographic evidence had been withheld from the files submitted to the CPS.
The whistleblower expressed concern that the issue would eventually be dealt with ‘in-house’ rather than through the criminal justice system.
Senior police officers stringently denied the whistleblower’s allegations though confirmed one officer involved was married to a senior member of staff.
How cozy!


Jim said...

Where's the RSPCA now?


Just like Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others. If this was a member of the public implicated in something like this the RSPCA would be all over it. But as its their mates in the force who they use as bully boy back up when terrorising old ladies whose cats are bit poorly, they'll look the other way, nothing to see here.

Antisthenes said...

We know all our public institutions are corrupt; parliaments(EU and national), assemblies, local government, quangos, public sector and the like. No doubt they have always have been but hitherto on a scale that did not do relatively speaking a great deal of harm. Of course as government has grown larger and it's roles expanded so has corruption along with it and is now a threat to the very fabric of our society. It has not helped that alien ethics, standards and values have been imported by millions of immigrants who have entirely different cultures to that of the indigenous people.

Coupled with the modern idea that life is now predicated around collectivism. So that a culture of entitlement without personal effort or responsibility has arisen most people no longer see corruption for what it is but as a right. Because there are still some of us who do know the difference between right and wrong the corrupt do make efforts to hide or obscure their corruption. Hence the spin and nonsense they spout when caught out and nearly always get away with.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX the animal was “apparently not destroyed in [a] humane manner”.XX

You will get your prosecution, when they prosecute those sand nigger bastards doing such by the thousand every day in "halal" slaughter houses.

Until then FUCK OFF, with your "humane manners."

Anonymous said...

For Gods sake it was only a deer not a child.If it was a rat or a squirrel would you give a toss?

MTG said...

A sickening and despicable act sufficient to place the perpetrators in a criminal court.

I concede that comments such as those from the educatid pair above, demonstrate the difficulty in differentiating stupidity from ignorance.

Anonymous said...

All hail Melvin,the King of the internet has spoken.....

andy5759 said...

For ants, we use chemical WMDs.

Anonymous said...

Since I am not from Britain I am not familiar with the background to this story. So I am just asking out of curiosity... How would you expect the police to kill the animal?
My first thought was that they would shoot it; but your police are unarmed aren’t they? Or did they have a gun? I suppose they could have left the animal while they tried to find a Vet. Were there nearby farms where they may have been able to acquire a weapon?
How do you humanely kill a large animal without a gun or drugs?

MTG said...

"My first thought was that they would shoot it; but your police are unarmed aren’t they?"

FYI, UK police continue to arm themselves by stealth and have acquired a huge arsenal of weapons without Parliamentary, or public support and consent.

JuliaM said...

"Where's the RSPCA now?"

Well, after the last case didn't go their way...

"..doing such by the thousand every day in "halal" slaughter houses."

Actually, they mostly cut the throats of unstunned animals. A crowbar whack might be welcomed by the poor beasts.

"My first thought was that they would shoot it; but your police are unarmed aren’t they? "

As a rule, yes. But these were armed officers, sent to the scene with the expectation that they'd do just that.

We don't make them pay personally for the bullets.. ;)