Tuesday 30 December 2014

And The Circus Rolls On And On And On…

Barrister Tony Davis, representing Mr Potts, told the court that all 14 of his dogs were seized after the incident.
Should Mr Potts be convicted some of the dogs involved are likely face a destruction order. Mr Davis told the court:
“It’s now been possible to identify which of the 14 dogs impounded by police were present at this incident and, therefore, I’m making an application to have seven returned as they cannot be put under any ‘suspicion’.
“Therefore, it would lift the threat of them facing a destruction order.”
They surely can’t be returned to the defendant?
Mr Potts’ bail conditions forbid him having control of any dogs, so if Mr Davis’ application succeeds, the defendant’s father has agreed to look after any of the dogs if they are released.
I’m sure he’s much more capable…


Ted Treen said...

"...seven of Stephen Potts’ impounded American bull dogs were outlined as the one-armed breeder..."

Oh, please Julia - tell me that his occupation as breeder of pitbulls was responsible for him being one-armed. The irony would be just too delicious for words.

Anonymous said...

Yep,he lost his arm due to being bitten by his own dogs.....
Imagine the smell in that house!

JuliaM said...

Yes Ted, as Jaded points out, this dumbcluck has already had one arm removed due to an assault by his own mutts.

Karma. It's what's for dinner!