Friday 12 December 2014

Man Obsessed With Finding Stuff Finds Stuff, Writes Paper SHOCK!

A leading Birmingham criminologist was bombarded with vicious hate mail and violent threats just days after publishing his research into online Islamophobia.
Gosh! What are the odds..?
Mr Awan said: “My research attempted to show how hate groups on the internet, especially Twitter, were using this space to intimidate, cause fear and make direct threats against Muslim communities.
“That has particularly been the case since the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last year. ”
Funny how that sort of thing happens, isn’t it?
“So it’s quite ironic that I became a victim of this type of abuse after I discussed my findings on a popular internet forum earlier this month. ”
I think you need to re-look up the word ‘ironic’, mate.
The research paper, titled ‘You’ve Got Hatemail’ involved the monitoring of the use of three separate hashtags #Muslim, #Islam and #Woolwich.
Mr Awan said: “The most common reappearing phrases were racist insults or remarks referring to terrorism and grooming.”
Heh! That all you got?

Gosh, I can’t think where this meme of Muslims whinging about the very real consequences of their beliefs or their actions comes from, can anyone else?


Furor Teutonicus said...

What "race" is moslem?

That aside, when this pathetic wee dip shit sand nigger can not see the difference between "You annoy us, off goes a head, we annoy you, we get called nasty names, and THAT is racist." Then he, himself deserve to loose his head.

Or at least to have it severly grilled with an oxyceteline torch.

I doubt it would make much difference though, there appears to be nothing IN there.

L fairfax said...

I wonder if was real or he got someone to send him anonymous abuse.
After all as Mo said "War is deceit"

Dioclese said...

I don't mind the other two, but I find 'Woolwich' especially offensive...

Greencoat said...

Mo and Marx, hand in hand to make this world a living hell.

Anonymous said...

Julia have you any chav and staffies with an xmas twist stories to publish?.

Underclass feral chav kids meets Father Christmas and the staffy goes beserk and then Iceland/Poundland get taken to court for scaring the dog.

I will leave it with you.


JuliaM said...

"What "race" is moslem?"

Not even the human one, usually.

"I wonder if was real or he got someone to send him anonymous abuse."

So many these days seem to turn out to be hoaxes. Whatever advances the narrative, I guess.

"Julia have you any chav and staffies with an xmas twist stories to publish?."

Well, it's not Christmas yet...