Wednesday 10 December 2014

Tune Time: "Like some baby Barbarella, with the stars as her umbrella..."

Not, I'll admit, something I'd normally feel was to my tastes, it's Jamiroquai and 'Cosmic Girl':

I first heard it on Radio 2 and loved it, but it wasn't until I caught it on one of the satellite music channels that I realized the video was even better.

Good tunes & beautiful cars - what could be better?

And this closes my selection for 2014. They haven't all been my favourite songs (no David Soul in there, was there?), but songs that I just have to stop what I'm doing and listen to when they crop up on the radio. Whether because of the tune or the lyrics.


James Higham said...

Where're the wimmin?

JuliaM said...

Hmmm, there are none...