Wednesday 3 December 2014

Should Have Punched Her Instead, You’d Probably Have Got A Suspended Sentence…

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had already contacted police after Luke King had threatened to put the shots online.
But despite being warned twice by Derbyshire Police not to do so, he uploaded the pictures, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court was told.
So he got a suspended sentence? Well….no:
King was locked up for 12 weeks after the court heard that his action was “intended to humiliate” the woman.
I’m stunned. Really. What happened to ‘not locking people up for non-violent crime? What happened to prison space shortages? When can we expect the OUTRAGE! in the progressive press?

Alison Wright, prosecuting, said: "She called Derbyshire police to report that he had threatened to put explicit photographs of her on the internet. "She accepted she sent them initially to him but they were for his eyes only, so to speak.”
Once they are out there, that’s it. You’ve lost them. This should have been a lesson to you, but thanks to the ‘no consequences’ society, it won’t be.

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