Tuesday 2 December 2014

Hey, Progressive Press, Tell Me Again How Those On Benefits Live ‘Hand To Mouth’…

…because it always raises a wry chuckle:
Yet another member of the notorious Sonnex family is facing time in jail, begging the question - is this the most vile family in Britain?
Louise Sonnex - older sister of the brutal killer Dano - last week admitted driving a car into a double decker bus full of passengers while drunk in June.
Yes, June. It’s taken this long to bring her to what laughably passes for ‘justice’.
The mother-of-two, from Ash View Close in Deptford, was arrested after police found her to be three times over the limit with drugs also discovered in a car she claimed belonged to a friend.
The 40-year-old has previously been convicted for glassing a woman while screaming "I'm going to open her up like a can of beans".
In 2009 she was also given a five-year sentence for attacking her father's girlfriend with a golf club.
So…she shouldn’t really have been out in June in the first place, should she?

How’s her brother been doing behind bars, I wonder..?
Since his conviction, he has appeared in court again for trying to escape from Broadmoor prison by fashioning a pair of wings made from refrigerator shelves.
Louise, who turned up to an earlier hearing in a leopard-print onesie before toppling over in the courtroom, admitted drink driving, reckless driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licence on Thursday (November 20) at Bexley Magistrates’ Court. Reacting to our story, she took to Facebook saying: "Oh well the whole world knows I binge drink and smoke cannabis f**k me I'm gonna hang myself LMFAO News Shopper send me a ROPE'.
She has been bailed until December 11 for a pre-sentence report.
Don;'t they already have enough of those from all her other offences? Shouldn't they all just be stamped with a big red 'INCORRIGIBLE' stamp?


Anonymous said...


I like how they are called a 'crime family' it probably gives them the idea they are like the Richardsons, or some Italian syndicate. They are not, they are low level irritants, who should be locked up permanently.

andy said...

A rope? send us your address and it will express delivered to you ready tied and good to use, I`ll even throw in some instructions.

and as for the brother,its a shame he didn't do an Icarus and plunge to his death.

John M said...

This is probably an inappropriate response, but if he had managed to fly out of Broadmoor with wings made from refrigerator shelves I would campaign for him to be pardoned and given a job at Dyson or something.

Britain needs talent...

Northish said...

John M, either that or a Darwin award on the slim chance he hasn't bred yet.

andy5759 said...

I suppose it could be done. Those plastic shelves are quite thin and light, yet rigid. The trick is to have enough of them (not a problem), and to make the whole rig rigid enough to slow down the ultimate landing. Alan Sugar needs to take a gander at this chap.

Macheath said...

The Broadmoor escape plan is surely too good to be true...*hums*

'Gonna be a man in motion,
All I need is a pair of wings...'

Anonymous said...

If the authorities can imprison her brother at the top of a tower block then I'm willing to sacrifice our refrigerator shelves, especially the grills.

JuliaM said...

"I like how they are called a 'crime family'..."

More like the Addams Family..!

"...but if he had managed to fly out of Broadmoor with wings made from refrigerator shelves I would campaign for him to be pardoned and given a job at Dyson or something."


"The Broadmoor escape plan is surely too good to be true...*hums*"

GAH! #earworm! ;)