Tuesday 9 December 2014

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man..?

…since he proved too thick, arrogant and unprofessional even for Essex Police Farce?
An Essex policeman sacked after leaking information to the media about the "Plebgate" row involving Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell has said he would do it all again and has no regrets.
They really can’t ‘learn lessons’, can they?
Mr Glanville said he had thought it likely no one would take action over the incident, which he heard about a few hours after it happened, so he contacted the newspaper.
Three other officers lost their jobs in the aftermath.
Pc Keith Wallis was jailed and dismissed for emailing his MP pretending to have witnessed the confrontation.
Pc Susan Johnson lost her job after she exchanged text messages and a phone call with Mr Glanville around the time he contacted the tabloid, and for failing to report that Wallis had sent her a copy of his email.
Pc Gillian Weatherley, who was on duty on the day of the confrontation between Mr Mitchell and Mr Rowland, was sacked over leaks to the press. She sent a photograph of an email Mr Rowland had sent to his bosses about the row to Mr Glanville.
What a loss to the Essex Farce they must have been…
Mr Glanville, who now works as a car salesman in Essex, has told the Sun he was sorry Ms Weatherley was dismissed, insisting she had no idea he had been in contact with the press.
So…he’s not sorry about the others?
Mr Glanville also hit out at the Met Police, saying they should have supported their officers over the incident.
They did support their officers. They supported them by giving the old heave-ho to a bunch of incompetent & unprofessional people unfit to wear the uniform.

Let’s hope they find some more.


Anonymous said...

Essex police were not involved. All the officers were ex-met unless Essex have suddenly expanded their activities to cover security at No 10.
Do keep up.

Anonymous said...

Ah Retired,you beat me to it! Don't worry about the accuracy of anti-police rants on here,just the fact that it attracts buffoons.

This man was sacked for telling the Sun about the disgraceful behaviour of an MP who was found out to be an arrogant bully who lied and lied. He did not get paid for the information.Guess what will happen the next time a police officer witnesses bad behaviour like this? Absolutely nothing as our senior officers would much rather kiss the governments arse than defend correct actions by its staff.
Another PC got sacked for sending texts over the incident,another for not reporting the leak.Hardly worthy of being sacked.
The only one who got correctly sacked was the idiot PC who gave a false statement that he witnessed the incident.That action undermined the whole incident and gave Mitchell and his cronies a reason to think it was a conspiracy.
The PC who was on the gate called Toby Rowland never wavered in his story from the beginning (unlike Mitchell) and he was exonerated last week at court.
Try reading beyond the Daily Mail screaming headlines.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back in Orpington......................


andy5759 said...

Why do we have a civilian police force not kissing civilian arses rather than politicians' arses? Have we lost OUR police? Should we form another one?

Northish said...

As a lowly member of the public, I am expected to know the rules, and expect to face the consequences if I break them. Why should Police Officers be treated any differently, especially when they are breaking those rules to cover a colleagues back. When you join the Police you should know that you are expected to be beyond reproach, and not only when you get found out.

Anonymous said...

Jaded, there were glaring inconsistencies on Rowlands' side of the story.

The Judge found against Mitchell on the basis that he considered Rowlands too much of a dimwit to have invented what he heard.

Some "exoneration".

Anonymous said...

But even dimwit Rowlands seems smarter than Jaded.

JuliaM said...

"Essex police were not involved. All the officers were ex-met..."

Ah! My error - they must have meant he LIVES in Essex.

I take it back - he's thick, arrogant and unprofessional enough for the Met. OK? ;)

"This man was sacked for telling the Sun about the disgraceful behaviour of an MP..."

Which was a breach of professional standards. As was sending texts.

"Meanwhile back in Orpington...."

Oh yes!

"As a lowly member of the public, I am expected to know the rules, and expect to face the consequences if I break them. Why should Police Officers be treated any differently..."

Spot on!