Monday 22 December 2014


As the row over the decision to axe Burger King from a Southampton hospital rumbles on, the Daily Echo went to test how healthy the alternatives are.
Heh! *settles in with popcorn*
On close inspection, we discovered a range of healthy meals on offer, including chicken pasta, vegetarian stroganoff and a wrap and burrito counter. There is also a dedicated salad bar with nutritional information around each ingredient, plus a fresh fruit and yoghurt counter throughout the day.
Bosses also provide comment slips for customers to feed back information, with a display board indicating what changes have been made as a result.
So, all hunky dory?
But while Burger King provides a calorie breakdown for all of the items on its menu, it was difficult to find the same level of detail in Spice of Life. For example, there did not appear to be anything informing customers of how many calories were in the main meals on the menu and staff were unable to tell us when asked.
And although there were plenty of healthy options, pizza was also on offer alongside plenty of sugary drinks, crisps, confectionery and a traditional ‘fry-up’ breakfast.
Now, yes, I know, there's nothing 'unhealthy' about either, and calorie breakdowns are a nonsense, but hey, it's nice to see them hoist by that petard they force on everyone else, isn't it?
Southampton Healthwatch, which represents patients’ views in the city, has backed the plans to axe Burger King, while Hampshire GP and television presenter Dr Hilary Jones also supported the move as a way to reduce obesity. The full details of the plans have yet to be released, leaving it unclear whether another food outlet or shop will replace Burger King, if the unit will disappear altogether or if it will be used for another purpose.
So, patients are really, really keen to get rid of Burger King, are they? Or just maybe, that group doesn't represent patient's views at all.

Which is more likely, I wonder?

*Do As We Say, Not As We Do


Ted Treen said...

It's the usual garbage:- a bunch of self-important nannying zealots who claim to be representing the opinion(s) of we plebs (the great unwashed) are in fact only voicing their own opinions or those of a few equally smug & superior activists who have nothing better to do than tag along to their meetings.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we hoi-polloi just sincerely wish they'd just sod off and stop organising things we don't want, on our behalf.

I'm really beginning to think that a desire to stand for ANY public position should be sufficient grounds for disqualification...

Furor Teutonicus said...

Burger King franchise in Germany have recently been closed down because of their ambiguous, and rather ballistik following of health rules.

Was it U-2 that sang "Rat in the kitchen?"

andy5759 said...

Spice of Life in Southampton, eh? We've got them at Watford General too. No comment from me about the food, one look at the prices had me running for the door. I discovered the volunteers cafeteria, sticky bun with a polystyrene cuppa just over a quid. Proper butter too, of course, the lovely old girl said when I cheekily asked. Burger King would make a killing there, perhaps that wasn't phrased quite right, but you get my drift.

Brightside Bob said...

Maybe this has something to do with it:

"Ronald McDonald House due to open at Southampton General Hospital" - (courtesy of another edition of the Southern Daily Echo).

Like the smoking ban, it isn't about health...

JuliaM said...

"I'm really beginning to think that a desire to stand for ANY public position should be sufficient grounds for disqualification..."

Me too...

"Was it U-2 that sang "Rat in the kitchen?""

It was!

"Like the smoking ban, it isn't about health..."

Cherchez la moolah!