Friday 26 December 2014

If You’d Been Handier With A Shotgun, It Wouldn’t Have Been Down To The Magistrates..

Mr Johnson said: “I’m fully relieved it’s not coming back to the village, and I have the police to thank for that.
“PC Sarah Ward arranged that, and if not for her, then I would not have been able to keep my sheep safely. I’m very surprised magistrates said they didn’t have powers to keep it away from the village, that shocked me, but I’m grateful to the police for arranging for it to be rehomed, they’ve been brilliant.”
Sadly its new home isn’t 6 ft under…
Mr Johnson said he was happy to see an end to the matter, but was not confident he would benefit from the compensation.
He said: “I thought the sentence was rather light, £150 for each of the offences, not each of the animals. The interesting thing was they added it to funds he already owed the court, which means I’m only going to get one ninth of £25. It’s going to be about five years before I see the money repaid.”
Oh, I bet it’ll be longer than that.


andy5759 said...

Occasionally the bill have a good'un who preserves the life of the truly innocent party.

I blame Paul O'Grady for my sudden sentimentality towards dogs and other dumb animals.

JuliaM said...

I'm quite an animal lover myself, but there's too much sentimentality around them.