Friday 26 December 2014

"This is a huge litigious case waiting to happen."

"We remain grateful to the many members of our community who recognise the work that we and our partners do to support those facing complex issues, particularly at this time of the year.”
Thus spake Jeremy Jones, chief executive of Arc Light.

Was he talking about the poor embattled residents of the street where his dumping ground for undesirables has been located, who have to face abuse, public urination & discarded needles?

Reader, he was not...


Ted Treen said...

" the many members of our community who recognise the work..."

Without a doubt, the "many members of our community" are those who do not live in or near Union Terrace and their main gratitude is based upon this hostel being placed & run elsewhere.

andy5759 said...

My sympathies go to that courageous and erudite woman. Good for you, girl.

JuliaM said...

Quite so! Living near one of these places must be hell.