Wednesday 21 December 2011

And The Least Surprising Thing Is That No-One’s Been Fired…

…Mohammed's HIV positive mother, a failed asylum seeker from the Ivory Coast, died in May 2009, leaving him in the care of Sheffield City Council.
Oh, yes. There’s a whole world of FAIL in that sentence alone…
A short-term foster carer was found before Mohammed's father, Adama Sangare and his wife, Gnagne, came forward.

The Serious Case Review, undertaken when abuse and neglect is suspected to be a factor in a child's death or serious injury, found that Sheffield's assessment of the pair's suitability was "rushed" because the person in charge of the case had just been promoted and wanted to finish her previous work as quickly as possible.
I know some people who’ve gone through the adoption process, and it’s long and utterly torturous.

The Sangares must be particularly well-favoured. I wonder why..?
No consideration was given to contacting authorities in Croydon, where the family lived, but even if it had, a school here had already failed to act on warning signs about Mrs Sangare.
Ah. Well, wasn’t a spotless record, then? Hmm…
In 2009 another of their children had attended the school, unnamed in the report, with a mark on his head and stated that his mother had hit him.

The head teacher believed the threshold for referral to social services had not been met "despite the child appearing uneasy about being questioned in front of his father".

Instead the school believed his parents' explanation that he had fallen, a "significant failing" which meant a fuller assessment of the family Mohammed, named "Child Z" in the report, was being placed in was never undertaken.
You know, this case is starting to have all the hallmarks of so many others…
Sheffield failed to inform Croydon of the move and subsequent "human errors" meant there was significant delay in transferring his health records.

The report notes: "It was March 2010 before the case was finally allocated to a Croydon health visitor, too late for an initial contact let alone any intervention that could even have arguably led to a different outcome."
And so this sad tale concluded in the usual fashion of such:
Later that month an ambulance was called to the house and Mohammed was found to have suffered catastrophic injuries following weeks of abuse.

Even after his admission to hospital the errors continued.
Oh, surely not? Isn’t the NHS the Wonder of the World?
Firstly, the council's emergency duty team (EDT) failed to inform the police of his injuries.

"It demonstrated complete lack of competence in basic child protection principles and resulted in Child Z's siblings being left in a situation of risk for a further 24 hours," the report said.

The Serious Case Review, compiled by Croydon Safeguarding Children Board, highlighted "extremely poor practice" by a member of the EDT team, subsequently addressed through "management action".

Croydon University Hospital staff were also criticised for failing to contact the police or social services despite the clear indication that Mohammed's injuries were non-accidental.
And who lost their job over this? We aren’t told.

But I suspect the answer’s a number smaller than 1…

Still, at least we are spared the nauseating spectacle of the mother of one of the inhuman monsters blaming only the authorities:
Bowman did not attend today’s hearing but her mother, Michelle Littlemore, said after the inquest that her daughter had 'taken responsibility' for what happened 'on her own shoulders' and said she hoped the agencies involved would do the same.

She said it was 'good' that the 'errors' that were made in relation to Joshua’s care were uncovered but said 'they shouldn’t have happened at all'.

'If the agencies had done their jobs correctly and acted accordingly I think Joshua would still be here.

'Changes have been made but there has been no official apology to Joshua and his family for the way the agencies have let him down.'
How about your daughter apologising for shacking up with a brute and covering for his actions? Since the evil bitch was let off a jail sentence, it's surely the least she can do?

Justice in this country is an utter joke.


uk Fred said...

Only matched by the ability of social services to actually do what we pay them to do.

A salt and battered said...

Boneless swill earned.

Anonymous said...

I read the posting but all I could see was Mohammed, Ivory Coast and Croydon! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!

Kevin said...

The one thing that irritates me the most about all of these types of case is that there is always a rush to blame some authority or other and precious little emphasis on the accountability of the subhuman behaviour of the scum involved in actually perpetrating the crimes against these kids.

Sure, of course social services, police etc have a role to play but ultimately the fault and the guilt lies with the filth that carry out the actions.

Captain Haddock said...

But "lessons will be learned" ...

Anonymous said...

But "lessons will be learned" ...

If precedents are noted, captain.

Anonymous said...

Of course no one's been fired! Are you mad? These are social workers - the elite of the progressive left. They never make mistakes.

The thing to watch for is not whether the social worker in charge gets sacked but whether they soon get promoted (as in a the case involving my ex injuring my son, where the social worker was found to have ignored every law and statute involved, acted in a biased manner, and admitted that no father was ever involved (believed) in an investigation as a matter of department policy and stated, and I quote "the truth or otherwise of statements made by a mother is irrelevant").

You think I joke? What happened to those involved in other social work debacles? Always the same outcome - 'mistakes were made, we learned our lesson, now can I have some seniority for all the things I've learned'.

Social workers - the only group I despise more than politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats... (Oh shit, this could take a while) :-)

JuliaM said...

"I read the posting but all I could see was Mohammed, Ivory Coast and Croydon! "

Heh! Does make the heart sink somewhat, doesn't it?

"The one thing that irritates me the most about all of these types of case is that there is always a rush to blame some authority or other..."

And the more we rely on 'the authorities', the more of such we'll need. Jobs for life!

"The thing to watch for is not whether the social worker in charge gets sacked but whether they soon get promoted.."

Typical civil service response, I understand. Promote 'em to get rid of 'em! It's then someone else's problem.

Name of the rose said...

I know one shouldn't make fun of names, but I never thought I'd see 'Gnagne' as a name.

I understand you can get a cream on the NHS for that now.