Saturday, 10 December 2011

As Below, So Above….

….the border, I mean.

Merrie olde England:
A man whose dog savaged a woman to death faces jail after a court heard the conditions he kept his pet in may have contributed to the attack.

Alex Blackburn-Smith pleaded guilty to keeping his 8st Neopolitan Mastiff in a cramped cage before it attacked 52-year-old Barbara Williams at a house in Demesne Road, Wallington, on December 23 last year.
Meanwhile, in Scotland, something considerably worse than a moose was loose aboot the hoose:
Residents in the block said they had been worried about the dog for some time. One even told how its favourite toy was a full-size “chunky” car tyre which it swung happily round its neck.

One local, who did not want to be named, said: “The thing was massive, it had a neck like tree trunk, and it was kept locked in a cage all day.”
So, is it the cage that does it, or is it the owner (who should probably reside in a cage themselves)?

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