Monday, 12 December 2011

So, Hang On, Insp Gadget, Which Is It?

I mean, first you laugh at the in-drink bravado and foolishness shown by those MoPs you so despise…

"There are several phrases it’s probably not wise to shout at the response constables from F Division, Ruralshire Constabulary. It is particularly unwise to shout these things when you have been involved in a disturbance, you are acting like a drunken idiot near the police van, and you are trying to obstruct some other arrests going on next to you.

One of those phrases is the immortal “Come on then Copper; arrest me, go on, arrest me“ which usually comes after a warning to move away, then accompanied by holding out the hands in a mock handcuff stance. “Come on then Copper, see if you can arrest me”.

Then, when the team move in and arrest the person, a look of complete amazement followed by the howling complaint “Why have you arrested me? I don’t believe this, why have you arrested me?”
…and yet, in the next breath, you are apparently fearful of the consequences of them carrying out those drunken promises:

"You will have to excuse me if I’m not overly impressed with the fact that people like this will soon be electing our police commissioner. And before anyone comments that people like this do not vote, we heard all the way back in the van about how he was going to vote, preferably for a candidate who would sack all of us and throw out all those immigrants, like."
So which is it?

Are you really so certain they’ll carry out this threat - hell, even remember it once they sober up – despite the fact you point out in the very same blogpost that they rarely carry out any of the others that they make?

Seems to me you can't have your cake and eat it too...


Antisthenes said...

When a vested interest wants or does not want something they use any stupid reason to hand to win over everyone over to their cause. Too many unfortunately are just as stupid as them and fall for it.

A salt and battered said...

I seriously doubt Gadget cronies are capable of such discernment. The lumps and inconsistencies of Gadget swill count for nothing in the sty of gulp mentality.

These animals are no more capable of understanding your question than they can appreciate one end of a blinding laser rifle from the other.

Their reactive envelope is limited by instinct. We see examples of this when Jaded and her kind deposit their daily dung on non-police blogsites.

Anonymous said...

Ah Melvin,here we are again reading about your obsession with IG.
Perhaps you should post on there that everyone hates you and you are taking your football home.Then a few days later you can change your screen-name and carry on putting on comments that you only can understand.Oh no hold on,you've done that here...
PS I am allowed to blog on any website I like.It's called free speech,the type you love (only if it matches your opinion of course)

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping out of this one! I'll just say that I do not understand the point of these new police commissioners. They'll just costs a shitload more in s alaries, PENSIONS (cos these people will have to have them), new office accommodation, vehicles, computers etc etc etc etc AND FOR WHAT?

Anonymous said...

@ Jaded
"PS I am allowed to blog on any website I like" - or scream until you are sick, no doubt.

Permit me to remind you of the duty of police to be in league with government and the responsibilty of citizens to say what they think.

(Tips hat to Pinter)

Anonymous said...

Once again anonymous Melvin you cleverly side-step my point.
Despite my job I am entitled to my opinion.Also if people disagree with me-which they are allowed to do so-I don't sulk like you.
I think you will find I am also a citizen/taxpayer/voter etc etc.

JuliaM said...

"When a vested interest wants or does not want something they use any stupid reason to hand..."


"PS I am allowed to blog on any website I like.It's called free speech..."

Technically, on any website the owner allows you to. Some will 'disappear' any dissenting comments.

They usually are the type not worth reading, though...

"I'm keeping out of this one!"


And yes, the new police commissioner role is sticking plaster over a gaping wound; I'd rather the deep problems in the police force were addressed instead. But, while they wind up the right people, I'll cheer them on...

Anonymous said...

Iwould think some drunken idiot playing the hard man in a town centre deserves locking up. It is not fair on the law abiding to have gobby individuals trapping off. It does not make for a good environment and if that individual is not locked up he will get braver, next time thinking he can put hands on. If he wants to be an idiot, let him pay for it with a fine.

I wouldn't say gadget is fearful, but you don't have to be a brain surgeon to work out elected police chiefs could attract special interest from unsavoury people. What if BNP got one on a hang em flog em agenda. New targets of protecting whites only. Similarly a Muslim radical, no police action or surveillance allowed.

Tesco would not be allowing its rival workforces to vote for tesco's future business policies. It is a bit of a sham. Should we have elected judges, elected prison governors?

Remember IG and his readers will be making comment and blowing off steam due to the frustrations of the job. Not every comment should be taken as 'policy' and carefully scripted. I'm sure we have all let off steam and wished it had been crafted better. It may well be that IG and others are happy with their comments....and for reasons of their own.