Friday, 23 December 2011

He Should Join The Force, He'd Soon Make Inspector...

Richard Moore, 24, was barred from the Hop Pole in Willerby, Hull, after allegedly abusing the woman because she had accidentally short-changed him by £10.
Typical, loud-mouthed pub boor at large…
The barmaid later apologised and gave him the correct money, but pub staff claim Mr Moore became aggressive and was shouting at the woman and demanding she be strip-searched.
Pub manager Peter Harrison said: 'He is a big fellow and she was quite upset by it all. She was on the verge of tears.'
And after being thrown out, he still wasn’t done bullying the staff:
Mr Moore wrote an email of complaint to the area manager of Mitchells And Butlers' Sizzling Pubs, which owns the venue.
It didn’t get him very far, because after ringing up to discuss it, he was so abusive the managers barred him!
The police authority said it had investigated the allegations into Mr Moore's behaviour and did not believe any further action was necessary.
Hang on a minute….police authority?

Ah. Yes, did I fail to mention he’s a PCSO?
Mr Moore, who works for the Haverstoe Neighbourhood Policing Team in Cleethorpes, joined Humberside Police in April 2009 after working in the motor trade for five years.
Ah. So he was a second-hand car dealer? Well, I guess that’s where he gained his customer service skills...


Anonymous said...

For as long as police recruits are blatantly scraped off the bottom, "Where do you find these dregs of society?" is a rather pointless question.

JuliaM said...

It does tell you quite a bit about the calibre of people they clearly aren't doing enough to weed out!

As does this...