Monday 26 December 2011

Knives Are Medicine Now…?

Martin Steen, prosecuting, said people were socialising on an area of grass when Hahn’s girlfriend and Mr Bosley argued.

He said: “Mr Hahn was called and the two men were squaring up to each other.

“Mr Hahn went into a garage and collected two knives, which he administered to Mr Bosley.”
‘Administered’ with such force, his pancreas was visible through the wound…
Christopher Smyth, defending, said that his client was provoked, and that there was a lack of premeditation and an element of excessive self-defence.
That’ll be the two…count ’em, two knives…?
The judge said although Hahn admitted a serious specified offence, he did not deem him dangerous by law and believed he showed remorse.
Does he believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus too..?


Anonymous said...

"showed remorse"


"I am so sorry I did not get away with it."

JuliaM said...

Spot on!