Tuesday 20 December 2011

Remember Meriden?

They had set up camp to highlight the illegality of a traveller settlement blighting a stretch of greenbelt land near their homes.

But now it is the protesting villagers of Meriden, in Warwickshire, who face the prospect of being evicted from the site - for breaking planning laws.
The council seemingly hasn’t forgiven them for showing them up to be a useless, traveller-appeasing shower of inadequates.

And, of course, there’s no way it’ll take the council ten years to get around to it either…
Both groups have had applications and appeals turned down, but in a move that will further anger the locals it is likely the objectors will be forced to pack up their caravan and awning and move on before the travellers go.
Mr McGrath denied that by continuing to protest on the illegal camp Meriden RAID were no better than the people they are campaigning to remove.

'There’s no comparison,' he said. 'We are not here for residential or commercial reasons.
'We are not seeking to be here for any great length of time.

'And we are not in a field. We are set up in a builders' yard on an area of hard standing and we are having no impact on the environment.
'They have dug up acres of land and now the area looks like a muddy quagmire.'
Clearly though, to the council, you are a far more unsightly blot, since you highlight just how uneven the laws are in this country..


Captain Haddock said...

The good burghers of Meriden ought to invite Vanilla Redgrave (or some other shagged-out old thespian) up to join them ..

Or they could erect a "bird mincer" & claim they'd set up one of "Huhne the loon's" beloved wind farms ..

Bobo said...

When you consider the Meriden residents weren't just up against Coventry Council, but also the hard-hitting, crack team of the Warwickshire Police Gypsy Liaison Unit (http://onlinenews.warwickshire.police.uk/wpnews_pressrelease/x/10989)
it's amazing the Meriden protesters haven't been tazered into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

SSDD as we used to say.

So you can't park your caravan in a friends yard and stand around near it protesting because it infringes some planning departments rules of:

'we have to pretend to be doing something useful, you don't have enough points in the victim-hood poker game, and you lot wont scream, shout and threaten us (or get some B list celebrity, who last did anything at all in 1968 and who wants some publicity, and their tame crusties to come and squawk 'peace songs' at us)'

So we'll get our tame mercenary, hypocritical, amoral, whore of a lawyer (do I repeat myself?) to make up some legal justification. Now just shut up and pay your taxes so we can get our hard earned (munificent) salaries and (exorbitant) pensions (as well as our free junkets and parties) - jump to it you plebs!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the caravan and awning is the problem. So, if they remove said caravan/awning and sit in builders shed then problem presumably solved?

JuliaM said...

"...the hard-hitting, crack team of the Warwickshire Police Gypsy Liaison Unit..."

I wonder if every force has one such useless group?

"....jump to it you plebs!"

That pretty much is the subtest, isn't it?